Duomo di MIlano, the the main tourist attraction in Milan, Italy. Highly protected by the Italian Army and Police.

When a person thinks about a church what they imagine is a place of holiness and peacefulness. Churches are designed and built to show beauty and represent harmony, where one can talk with God. On my trip to Italy, Duomo di Milono shocked me by it’s beauty and detailed architecture. One aspect of it was disappointing, the peacefulness that one relates to a chruch was non-existant. The Cathedral is totally explited and to me it had no religious meaning whatsoever. With it’s construction dating back to 14th century it is highly doubtful that it’s main use was meant for tourist with cameras walking on the roof creating havoc.

San Bernardino alle Ossa, Milan , Italy. A chamber in a church filled with human bones and sculls.

If you can think of the most eerie and creepy place that you somehow find a connection with, this is my number one. This room changed my views on religion and Milan as a city. On one hand you have a huge cathedral where you stand in a line to buy a ticked and on the other hand you have this place. Quiet place, in my opinion filled with souls of the dead, where one can speak with his loved ones that passed away. It is simply mesmerizing, and it helped me to understand that religion still plays a big role in peoples lives, despite all the controversy behind the Catholic church. For me this place was designed for that purpose and it’s amazing to see that in the 21st century,it still serves it .

Basilica di Santo Stefano Maggiore, church dating back to the 5th century, burned in the 11th century and rebuilt shortly after destruction.

This is what a church should look like, Santo Stefano let me experiance peace and it’s beauty without the interferance of noisy tourists. Dating back to 5th century it is amazing that a structure can last so long. What is astonashing is the fact that after it’s destruction in 1070 it was rebuilt only in 5 years. This helped me to understand the scale and importance of religious belief in Milan and Italy. Walking down the street you could see at least 6 other churches so it didn’t have to be rebuilt.

Overall Milan has developed as a city of finance,fashion and sport. Amazing fact about these churches is that despite all the development the religious aspect of life in Milan and the vision of people from the past stayed there till this day.