Throughout this third and final blog I shall be talking about the infrastructure of Kilkenny city, mentioning one main build that took place which has drastically changed the city forever. A huge bridge has been built through the city, which in turn has ruined the views of the historical features that are in the background. Along with the connecting roads which are being built through historical grounds.

Figure 1: Kilkenny castle, with a ruined view because of the central access scheme bridge.

Before the bridge was put in place, Peace Park as this area is known as, was very ascetic location (see figure 2). It was a public space that was used by many, for a leisurely stroll, picnic and so on. To present time where it is seen as a dull location with this monster of a modern bridge, people will be afraid to walk underneath the bridge as it is not a lit up it creates a negative vibe amongst this area.

Figure 2: Peace park Kilkenny, before the bridge.

A public space in usually an area that is accessible and open to the people. This bridge itself is said to be a public space as it is providing transport for the people, with cycle lanes, for pedestrians and vehicles.This central access scheme is proving to be a very controversial topic at the moment as the route of the completed road will bring heavy traffic through residential areas and through the centre of medieval Irish town section of the city. It was originally proposed so that heavy traffic would stay clear of greens bridge as it was not able to withstand trucks crossing (Figure 3). In my opinion this bridge has changed a lot for the people who live here, for both the young and the old. The old will always remember the city as it was and will never let it down that this bridge has ruined the city’s heritage whereas the youth will never really know what the city use to be like before, therefore infrastructure has a huge impact on modernity.

Figure 3: Greens bridge in the background.


All images were taken by myself or another family member.