Public spaces are an extremely important part of any city as it is a place where all types of people gather and we can see different nationalities of people all interconnected in the city. Just by observing people at public spaces you can tell an awful lot about the people living in the city, the clothes and fashion present, the past times they take part in and the kind of lives they live. Without public spaces it would be difficult to form a good observation of the people living in the city.

Figure 1: Fitzgerald Park in Cork city tells us a lot about the city.

In the image above we see Fitzgerald Park and we can see a mother with her children present in the image. This is a place of leisure for families and it is an important location for families to escape the busyness of city. We get a glimpse of the past in Fitzgerald’s park also with monuments of Michael Collins and Eamon de Valera, this conveys the importance of history in the city and it reminds people of the past which I believe is a important aspect to a city.

Figure 2: Cork public museum contains many amazing artefacts that give us an insight to the history of the city.

When we want to learn more about a city and how it developed over time going to a museum can be one of the most effective ways to see understand how this. Cork’s Public Museum gives a special insight into the people of the city and the county and a very interesting display of the artefacts that were once part of the county. To really understand how Cork has developed overtime I would strongly recommend going to this museum.

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Figure 2: McNamara, Gearóid (2016)