In this blog I will endeavor to convey the qualities and experiences of living in Dublin city in the 19th and early 20th century and express a theme of violence and eventually peace. A lot has changed in Dublin over the years as many iconic events have taken place like The Great Famine and The Easter Rising which has characterized the city.

Figure 1: Kilmainham Gaol -a place full of Irish history

I choose this picture as I thought it would represent the characterization of the city and convey the violence and the suffering that took place. I could not find any images of the Great Famine, however Kilmainham Gaol does give us an insight into the devastation that occurred as people caught begging on the streets were thrown into the jail and most wanted to be caught  because they would be fed. An enormous change from nowadays.



Figure 2: The GPO after the rising in 1916.

This image also portrays the theme of violence that occurred in the city which most definitely defined and characterized  the city today as marks of the past can still be seen. The leaders of the rising were killed in Kilmainham Gaol after the rising due too contributed to violence this city endured. We can see a lot of people in the image who walking and possibly discussing the incident.

Figure 3: Henry St. Dublin showing further destruction and violence after the rising.

The theme of violence can also be seen here. I think this experience of The Easter Rising had a massive impact on the people of Dublin and indeed Ireland and definitely defined the type of people they are today and how the city has changed utterly since.



O’Connell’s St in the 1940s. – a changed place.

In the image we can see how the violence has eased off and a peaceful city seems to be evident compared to the other images of violence.

Figure 5: O’Connell’s street- how things have changed

We can see here the massive change in how people lived back then when you compare this picture with today. It is clear that these images have shown us how Dublin has been completely characterized by its past.

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